(OST) " ". , Breaking Bad . . , . )

Episode 1: Live Free or Die 1. Walt sits down for breakfast at Dennys. Song: David Castle, Conversations Unavailable for Purchase Song: Frank Shelley and Ian West, Running Through Me

Episode 2: Madrigal 1. Walt helps Jesse search for the ricin cigarette Song: Whitey, Stay on the Outside

2. Lydia enters the diner and sits in the booth behind Mike. Song: The Coachmen, I Cant Hide It

3. Mike moves over to Lydias booth Song: Mack Owen, Somebody Just Like You

Episode 3: Hazard Pay 1. Mike visits Dennis in jail Song: Alarm Music Library, You Got the Guts

2. Walt, Jesse, Mike and Saul visit various factories Song: Alarm Music Library, The Galvezs & the Contreras

3. Walt and Jesse orchestrate a perfect meth cook Song: The Peddlers, On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)

Episode 4: Fifty-One 1. Walt and Walter, Jr. get a rundown of repairs to the Aztec Song: Easterling & Gildersleeve, Good and Lonely

2. Walt sells the Aztec for $50 Song: Pier Branch, My Good Things Gone

3. Walt and Walter, Jr. pull into the driveway in their new rides Song: Knife Party, Bonfire

Episode 7: Say My Name 1. Mikes lawyer brings the bank teller cookies Song:Paul Abler, Clear Waters

2. Dan the lawyer makes hazard pay deposits. Song: Duke Ellington, Overture

3.Walt teaches Todd how to cook. Song: The Monkees, Goin Down

4. Mikes lawyer returns to the bank to make a second hazard pay deposit. Song:Southern Library, Return to Summer

Episode 8: Gliding Over All 1. Walt and Lydia meet at a cafe. Song: Apple Trax, Night in the City Song: Apple Trax, Clear Skies Song: Alexander McCabe, Spin Drift

2. The Prison Murders. Song: Nat King Cole, Pick Yourself Up

3. Walt makes his millions. Song: Tommy James & The Shondells, Crystal Blue Persuasion

3. The White family barbeque. Song: Squeeze, Up the Junction

Episode 9: Blood Money 1. Hank returns to the barbeque Song: Squeeze, If I Didnt Love You

2. Hank pores over boxes of evidence Song: Jim White, Wordmule

3. Jesse waits to see Saul Song: Yellowman, Where is Santa Claus?

Episode 10: Buried 1. Hank and Skyler meet at the diner Song: Floyd Cramer, Tomorrows Gone

2. Hank and Skyler talk at the diner Song: Floyd Cramer, (These Are) The Young Years

3. Walt buries his money Song: Chancha Via Circuito, Quimey Neuquen

Episode 11: Confessions 1. Jack, Todd and Kenny have breakfast in the diner Song: Rita Remington, Midnight Blue

2. Jack, Todd and Kenny have breakfast in the diner Song: Mack Self, Everyday

3. Jack, Todd and Kenny drive into New Mexico Song: Slim Rhodes, Romp and Stomp

Episode 12: Rabid Dog 1. Walt cleans up the mess Jesse made Song: Bambi Molesters, Chaotica

2. Hank intercepts Walts phone call to Jesse Song: M3m, Hello Kittys Wonderland

Episode 13: ToHajiilee 1. Todd and Lydia discuss the product. Song: Steve Perry, Oh Sherrie

2. Todd answers Walts phone call Song: Thomas Dolby, She Blinded Me With Science

Episode 14: Ozymandias 1. Walt pushes his last remaining barrel of money through the desert. Song: The Limeliters, Take My True Love By the Hand

Episode 15: Granite State 1. Walt pushes his last remaining barrel of money through the desert. Song: April Wine, Sign of the Gypsy Queen

Episode 16: Felina 1. Walt drives back to New Mexico from New Hampshire Song: Marty Robbins, El Paso

2. Lydia phones Todd looking for an update on Walts demise Song: Groucho Marx, Lydia the Tattooed Lady

3. The end Song: Badfinger, Baby Blue

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